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Inner Mongolia flaxseed oil products manufacturers, "local brand" livestock products


Inner Mongolia yiu better agricultural product technology development co., LTD., the predecessor was founded in 1984, the company was formally established in 2014, after the reform and opening up to form a system of private oil enterprise, one of the company belongs to the leading enterprise of Inner Mongolia autonomous region association member units.The company for 30 years over the years focused on flax seed cultivation, processing and research and development, after more than 30 years of technical improvement for many times, has accumulated relatively mature experience of flax seed production and processing technology.

Yiu wonderful 2013 new built a set of modern assembly line production equipment, with independent intellectual property rights of the purely physical double circle low temperature cold pressed processing technology (temperature control can be around to 40 ℃), to increase the production capacity to produce thirty thousand tons (about 1/10 of the total flax seed production - 1/15), significantly keeps the foundation of flax seed nutrient, so my company production of cold-pressed linseed oil contains more than 53% omega-3 / alpha linolenic acid.

Yiu miao jin bearing "real enterprise, conscientious do product" concept, to create the "yiu wonderful" brand series of linseed oil products.

Yiu better products on March 20, 2015 was awarded the first "Hohhot people favorite grain and oil brand", in the same year on August 6, was identified as the third "unique" livestock products in Inner Mongolia

Again on August 7, 2016, was identified as the fourth "unique" livestock products in Inner Mongolia).

Yiu wonderful company in July 2016 as linseed oil industry association director unit, and on October 9 and 10 were invited to the new national standard of linseed oil, in the same year on November 14, and obtains the national "organic product certification certificate".

On January 13, 2017, and passed the four national patent applications.  

2017 jan 08 yiu of guangzhou high-quality goods museum of Inner Mongolia

Eat healthy flaxseed oil: pay attention to the six Tips


Yiu cold-pressed linseed oil 500 ml
This product use grasslands of Inner Mongolia natural pollution-free flaxseed as raw materials

Yiu cold-pressed linseed oil box
Yiu better 100% cold-pressed linseed oil, raw material USES the grasslands of Inner Mongolia

Yiu cold-pressed linseed oil 500 ml
Middle-aged and old and added a - : people smoked in the linolenic acid.

Yiu wonderful first-rank cold-pressed linseed oil, 500 ml
Yiu better level of cold-pressed linseed oil

Yiu cold-pressed linseed oil 500 ml
Yiu cold-pressed linseed oil

Yiu wonderful first-rank cold-pressed linseed oil gift boxes
Yiu wonderful first-rank cold-pressed linseed oil gift boxes

Mongolia DouYuHe cold-pressed linseed oil
Mongolia DouYuHe cold-pressed linseed oil

The prairie Campbell cold-pressed linseed oil
The prairie Campbell cold-pressed linseed oil

The Great Wall is tasted cold-pressed linseed oil
Has its own natural planting base, no fresh water irrigation, natural life

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